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The season of Advent—which means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’— is upon us. It may seem weird to be doing a series on embodiment during a pandemic: when it’s hard to remain embodied, when physical touch is a health risk, and when our beloved ‘incarnational’ gatherings aren’t the same. On the other hand, maybe this is the best and most important time to be reflecting on these themes!

Prior to this series, we were looking at the New Testament letter, 1 John. A big emphasis in 1 John is practicing the way of Love, as embodied by Jesus. Embodied Advent will be an opportunity to delve deeper into what this looks like through various human experiences: pain & trauma, joy & pleasure, power & oppression.

We’re deeply grateful and excited that Dr. Hillary McBride — who is an expert on embodiment and calls Artisan home — will be helping us engage these crucially formative topics through the lens of Christian faith.