COVID-19 Helps & Resources

These are indeed strange, uncertain, challenging times. Among the many questions we’re asking are ones like these: What does it mean to be the church during a pandemic? What does it look like to love our neighbour when we can’t be in close proximity? How might we draw strength and wisdom from scripture, the Spirit, and one another during this time?

We are reminded of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit that is still moving in ways we cannot see or imagine, and reaching places and hearts far beyond our own reach. In our condensed living spaces and with minimal interaction with others, we remember a God who is not contained or distant, and who is still going after the hearts of people; who is still redeeming lives, repairing brokenness and bringing flourishing; who is still filling people with joy, strength, wisdom and resolve even in the hardest of circumstances; and who is still on mission – a mission we still desire to join in, no matter where we can’t physically go. Much has changed around us, but we are still the same people of God.

At this time our Staff is working hard to facilitate new ways for us to connect and creatively continue the work of the church. 

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