Artisan Church

Partnership is a visible and tangible commitment to being Artisan Church.

Why partnership?

We exist as a church to join God in the renewal of all things. And we do that by practicing the way of Jesus, together. But ongoing questions remain: how do we join together even as we join God—what does joining together actually look like? What do we want these relationships to look like? And how do we support and challenge one another in such a countercultural act?



Shared vision

Our vision (Mandate, Mission, Measures, Map, Marks) expresses why we exist, what kind of change we want to see, where we’re heading, and how we are going to get there.

Shared practice

Our apprenticeship to Jesus (being with him, becoming like him, and doing what he did) is the very center of who we are and what we do personally and collectively.

Shared unity

Our unity (theological and relational) is the way we show that Jesus is Lord in our common life, as we apprentice our lives together.


Ready to take the next steps?

If you are ready to take the next steps toward officially partnering with Artisan, submit your name, phone number and email below and a staff or lead team member will get back to you with more details.

Sign me up!

What happens next?

Step One: Content

Hopefully you’ve already done this! You’ve watched/read the Partnership Overview, Vision Overview, Practice Overview, and Unity Overview videos and docs and clicked ‘SIGN ME UP!’ Next you will enter the second part of the partnership process – the conversation.

Step Two: Conversation

When you click ‘SIGN ME UP!’, you will be directed to submit some basic contact info, then a staff member will follow up with you to confirm that we got it. We will send you a short questionnaire in order to learn more about you. After you’ve filled out and submitted the questionnaire we will follow up with you and dialogue as needed.

Step Three: Commitment

Finally, you will be invited into partnership and to attend the next partners feast in the Spring. By deciding to partner with Artisan you are committing to a relationship of high support and high challenge as we practice the way of Jesus together. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other Partners through the Online Partnership Directory. You will be responsible for voting in new lead team members and passing our annual budget. Also, being a partner is required for all those who serve in leadership.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at