Artisan Church

You are welcome here.

Gay? Straight? Same-sex attracted (SSA)? Trans? Queer? Celibate? Unsure? Whatever language describes you best, you are welcome here.

Artisan Church aims to hold non-judgmental space for the many perspectives on gender and sexuality, and we gladly welcome all LGBTQ+ and SSA siblings to fully participate with us in worship and ministry.  

Similarly, different convictions regarding sexuality are welcome here. In the Christian Church, folks often ask if a congregation is “affirming” or “traditional” when it comes to the church’s perspective on sexuality. True to our Anabaptist roots, we choose a “third way” in answering this question.

If this leaves you with more questions than you came with, we invite you to read our Milestone Statement on LGBTQ+ inclusion. This statement is an eight-page letter to our community, written by our Staff and Lead Team in January 2021. It shares our community’s journey in arriving here, clearly expresses policy around leadership and sexual orientation, and addresses crucial questions like, “Does my sexual orientation restrict me from getting married in this community?” (Spoiler: no.)

Download our Milestone Statement

We ask that whatever perspective you hold on sex and gender, and however you express your own sexuality and gender identity, you do so with kindness and humility, and with God’s good and patient love for others.