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Anti-Racism Resource List

Our larger community is being called into the significant work of joining God’s renewal, a renewal that’s ushering greater racial justice, reconciliation, and level ground. This is long work to commit ourselves to, but we’re in it together, and we hope the following resources will help equip you for the journey. While learning and unlearning are important parts of this renewal, they are not the end goal. Our hope is that these resources will help us understand the complex layers that give racism power in our world, so that we can begin to disassemble its power—both in our own lives, in our church life, and in the city of Vancouver.

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“We all have work to do in seeing our world marked by greater justice, reconciliation and understanding. For the Church, this work requires that we critically examine where we are as individuals and as a community. This slow, protracted work must be undertaken for the long haul. Racism will continue to wreak havoc in our world unless we patiently and comprehensively understand and engage the many layers that shape our racialized society.”

— Rich Villodas