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We’ve used the language of “third way” when referring to our practice in relation to the inclusion of our LGBTQ+ and SSA siblings. “The Third Way” – aka: “The Jesus Way” is: (a) the way of loving our enemies, (b) another way between fight and flight, (c) a way of being in the world that Jesus called ‘the narrow path’—because it is NOT the ego’s default or preferred method! The third way isn’t some cool new idea, although it may be new language for us. TTW is a way of being that has been embodied before. It’s in our DNA as a church that has emerged from the historic Anabaptist tradition. It’s a way that has everything to do with Jesus. It has everything to do with how we see Jesus. How we understand who he was, what he taught, what he came to be and do for human life everywhere.