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We often begin a new year with a “practice” series—with teaching that explicitly links scripture with spiritual practice, and offers invitations and avenues into those practices. We want to begin 2021 in prayer, using the prayerbook of ancient Israel—the prayer book of our Lord Jesus himself—the Psalms. Eugene Peterson said, “we don’t learn the psalms until we’re praying them.” This is a part of Scripture that we aren’t meant to just read, observe, or study. They’re a part we’re meant to do. To embody. So a question we will ask each week, as we engage individual psalms, is, How is this psalm teaching us to pray? And then we’ll be invited into actually doing it! It is our hope that this series will help us grow in prayer and deepen our communion with God. And to find ways to un-hide during a time when many of us are prone to stay hidden and isolated. To live in the open. To be more fully human, and animated by the way of Jesus.