Praying the Daily Office

Some of us wonder if prayer actually ‘works’. Some of us feel inadequate when it comes to prayer. We’ve picked up a mentality that prayer is only for the spiritually elite, and since we know we don’t belong in that class, we don’t do it. Some feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what could be prayed for, that we think our prayers won’t count unless we get all the way through the ‘list’. Others simply have no idea where to begin.

What if we don’t have to be pros in order to pray? What if there were some helps and guidelines that could make prayer more accessible? What if we could share the load of all that needs to be prayed for? And what if prayer were less about doing and getting than about being and becoming? What if prayer is the primary means God uses to change us?

If you have wondered about any of these things, felt inadequate, overwhelmed, or unpracticed in prayer, you are not alone. We are in this together. This booklet is intended to help us forge some new habits and pathways toward both a changed us and a changed world.

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“God is committed to our transformation. Every day, God moves toward us in love, reaching, seeking, pleading with us to pay attention.” – Rich Villodas