Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve been experimenting with alternative ways to continue our weekly tradition of gathering together. In this next iteration we are trying a combination of The Home Liturgy, Zoom Rooms and the beloved MegaZoom format.


    The Home Liturgy is a guide we created based on the flow from our regular Sunday Liturgy. It will be updated weekly with songs, prayers, scriptures and a live video message from a member of our Preaching Team. You can do this on your own, with roommates, your Neighbourhood Group, etc. Or, you can join a Zoom Room and walk through the Liturgy with others from the Artisan community. Visitors are welcome!


    Zoom Rooms are virtual rooms of approx. 8-15 screens hosted by a member of the Artisan Leadership Cohort. These meetings will take place at regular gathering time of 10:30am on Sundays when a MegaZoom isn’t scheduled (see April-June schedule below). Sign up here to join a Zoom Room this Sunday.(Please note that you need to sign up each time you want to participate, and that this needs to be done before 9pm on Saturday.)


    Like on Easter Sunday, these will be times for the entire church to join in via video/phone on a giant Zoom call. (See schedule below for MegaZoom gathering dates.)



As we continue experimenting with different ways to gather on Sundays, we also want to be intentional about how we order our teaching. One of our biggest needs right now is human connection. It’s vital not only to be connected to family, friends, and neighbours, and to those who are part of Artisan, but also to lean into our connection with the global church body. One way to do this is to not only use the church calendar to give shape to our worship, but to allow the Lectionary to determine the texts from which we preach. We are currently in the season of Eastertide—the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost. It’s a time to join with all followers of Jesus in celebrating his resurrection, while at the same time remembering in-betweenness and the ongoing reality of grief, suffering, and loss. For these six weeks (and likely beyond), we will be following the Lectionary in our Sunday gatherings—whether the sermon is delivered by pre-recorded video as part of The Home Liturgy or live in a MegaZoom gathering. In doing so, we will attempt to further explore and live into the question: “How might we hold space for ourselves and others to feel and name fear, and yet also open to the promise and possibility of resurrection joy?”



Here is a schedule of what the upcoming Sundays will look like:

  • April 19 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • April 26 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • May 3 – MegaZoom
  • May 10 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • May 17 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • May 24 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • May 31 – MegaZoom
  • June 7 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • June 14 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms
  • June 21 – MegaZoom
  • June 28 – Home Liturgy & Zoom Rooms