Groups are an integral part of our church life. They are a level of community we surrender into. In groups we intentionally set aside our consumerism (what I want and what is convenient for me) for what God wants, and the needs of others. There are two types of groups at Artisan: Table Groups and Neighbourhood Groups.


Table Groups are seasonal groups that gather for connection, study and discussion. For more details about Table Groups that are offered this season, click here.


Neighbourhood Groups are spiritual families that practice the way of Jesus in neighbourhoods for neighbourhoods. The goal of Neighbourhood Groups is the formation of holistic disciples who commit to practicing the way of Jesus by moving in these four directions: Upward, Inward, Outward, Withward.

Neighbourhood Groups involve a renewable annual commitment, with three breaks during the year (Christmas, Easter and Summer).

Contact if you would like more information about Neighbourhood Groups, including how to join one.